Why Acton Academy?

My name is Mary MacIntosh and, as a parent, I found myself wondering what the alternatives were to public school. I remember when I was a student, having to memorize facts and check boxes and never having the opportunity to explore my passions or to learn “real life” skills. In our search to find something better than what we experienced, my husband and I discovered Acton Academy: a revolutionary school founded in Austin, TX that is reinventing education as we know it.

We started our adventure down this road in April 2018 when our application to start an Acton in NH was accepted! This was a huge win because there are over 8,000 applications in the pipeline to start Actons all over the world! We then traveled to the main campus in Austin, TX for a 2 day orientation.

Over the past year we have been preparing both physically and financially for the launch of our school in the fall of 2019. In December we purchased a building in downtown Laconia and renovated it over a couple of months. We have spent countless hours crossing the “T”s and dotting the “I”s on the state paperwork, hiring and training our Lead Guide and familiarizing ourselves with the Acton learning material.

In this blog I am going to introduce you more to the Acton mission, how the learning design is completely different from the traditional educational model, and how this school could make a HUGE and positive difference in your child’s life.

Thank you for reading!

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