June Mini-Camp

We had an exciting, fun-filled day at Acton NH on June 29th! We started with a group circle, watching a short interview with Dr. Richard Feynman. Then we discussed the questions “What makes a great scientist? Can anyone be a scientist or are some people born with an ability to look at the world in a different way?”

Then we headed into The Lab to start experimenting! We mixed sugar, yeast and warm water in a bottle then put a balloon on top to see if and how fast it would blow up. Then we did similar trials with vinegar and baking soda (blew up so fast and furious!), and alka seltzer and water. Then we made our own lava lamps with oil, water, food coloring and secquins. When we put alka seltzer in the lava lamps they exploded with movement and mini-tornados. The warmer the water we used, the bigger the bubbles in the lava lamp.

We took a quick break for lunch where we tried to stump each other with riddles! Then we went outside to cross the hot chocolate river. We each had a marshmallow but everyone had to walk across on the marshmallows and if we stepped off of them, the hot river would wash them away! It was challenging and we had to start over a few times but eventually everyone made it safely across. We discovered that the beginning of a process can be slow and tedious to implement, but by the half-way mark you get in a rhythm and the process makes everything faster and easier.

Then we jumped into creating and filming our Lip Dub! First we watched a few that were filmed in previous years to have examples to work from. Then we debated what song to choose. Luckily everyone really liked the same band and it didn’t take us long to choose our background sound track. Practicing and filming was fun and we learned that doing the actual lip-syncing was the hardest part!

We had enough time at the end of the day to go outside and look for insects and bugs. We must have found at least 10 different species, including earwigs, millipedes, ants, spiders, and beetles. We discovered that you can look in a very small area and when you really focus, you see a whole universe of tiny bugs and things happening that you would otherwise just walk over and never see.

With just a few minutes left we circled up to say what we were grateful for that had happened during the day. Everyone had so many nice things to say and we realized how much we had accomplished by recapping the day!


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