The Socratic Method

Have you ever heard of the Socratic Method?

Our guides at Acton Academy use the Socratic Method where they aren’t allowed to answer a question. At first, you may think that learning won’t happen this way. Because how can you teach if you won’t answer any questions, right?

However, what this method seeks to encourage is to redirect the energy. When our guides at Acton Academy are asked a question, they keep the energy alive rather than giving an immediate answer. Instead of telling, the Socratic Method teaches by asking. Asking questions such as “Where do you think you can find the answer?” or “Who is the master at that subject that you can reference?” engages students in dialogue and leads them to the answers themselves. And due to the Internet, there are hundreds and thousands of master teachers at everybody’s fingertips today. The children themselves can reach out to anybody in the past, whether gone or alive.

The Socratic Method equips students with the thinking skills needed to excel in life. After all, students learn more through the use of reasoning and critical thinking.

It is necessary to learn how to ask good questions — questions that require, not just a “yes” or “no” answer, but thoughtful answers. Using dialogue helps children discover new ideas and discover things on their own. Asking questions with an A or B answer causes the energy to die soon.

Through the Socratic Method, children go off into the pathways of wonderment, mystery, and curiosity. They learn more. They may search for one thing and end up learning more things because their question will lead them to more questions. 

My mentor once told me, “The moment that you ask somebody a question, their future changes.” So learn the art of asking questions, as well as the discipline to not answer questions.


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