Mastery vs Grades

What does Mastery look like at Acton Academy?

At Acton Academy, we measure progress with badges. Students have to master something to be awarded badges, similar to the boys and girls scouts. What’s amazing is that they also get to choose which badges they want based on their interests. There are different badges to choose from, and the Eagles get to sit down at the beginning of the year and choose their path. Yes, the choice is in their hands. They can choose which badges interest them, and what they choose becomes their goal for the whole year.

Badge-based mastery is based on accountability. To be awarded a badge, the student’s guides and peers will sign their work to confirm that they have completed and mastered it. Each badge is a process where a large quantity of work is reviewed many times by several people. The eagles defend their work in front of their peers, parents, guides, and the public. Through this, they experience a “real world” kind of pressure to prepare them for “real life” tasks and challenges.

Another thing that we have at Acton Academy are digital portfolios. Did you know that Colleges are loving portfolios nowadays? It makes students stand out as it shows all the best work they have ever accomplished. Everything they have mastered is compiled together to show how well-rounded of an individual each student is.

At Acton academy, mastery is the goal. We do not take tests or give grades. Rather, the eagles work until they master their learning goals.


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