The Power of Building Character

Let me tell you a story about a student at one of the Acton Academies who just graduated last year.

She applied to 4 different colleges and was accepted into all of them. She even had a full free ride to the University of San Francisco. However, she decided to take a gap year. She knew that as a veteran Eagle who had grown up in the Acton model, she understood the ins and outs of Acton Academy better than anyone. She offered her services as a consultant to all of the Acton owners in the network for that 1 year. After she pitched herself, she spent the last year traveling the entire globe and getting paid for her consulting.

Today, many college students are lost. Some spend most of their time drinking, while others are partying out all night. Some are confused about what they want to be, while others can’t figure out what they want to do and keep switching majors every year. It seems like many students today are still figuring out a lot of daily life skills that they should have figured out long before college.

Sadly, some people just seem to “go with the flow” and accept whatever life gives them.  On the other hand, some are goal oriented and able to make wise decisions that lead to achieving their goals.

When children learn in an environment like Acton Academy, they are taught to develop their character, not only their intellect. They are also given the space to know their strength, their passion, and where they are heading. They are taught to use goal-achieving tools and systems every day, along with reflection about what is and isn’t working.

The student I talked about earlier probably doesn’t have her whole life planned out, but what is certain is that she knows what her strengths are. She doesn’t just “go with the flow.” Rather, she is determined to set and reach her goals relentlessly, and she knows that she is in control of her future. No doubt, she is destined to do great things.

“Character is the result of two things: mental attitude and the way we spend our time.” -Elbert Hubbard


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