Understanding High-Energy Children

Children have tons of energy! It’s natural and normal for them. As a mother of a 3-year old, I know this first-hand.  Even though many children are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, it’s also natural and normal for every child to have a high amount of energy throughout the day.

I would like to tell you a story about a child that was attending one of the Actons across the country.

Before she transferred to Acton Academy, she attended a traditional school. She was always getting into trouble and being sent to the principal’s office simply because she couldn’t sit still. She was always trying to get up and move around the room. She was also constantly told how bad she was at Math. She was about to enter 7th grade but was testing at the 4th grade level for math. Even though she was not a bad person, she started to feel like one because she was always sent to detention.

When she transferred to Acton Academy, she fell in love with her new freedom in just the first week! She was so happy being able to freely walk around the room, take her computer, and do core skills wherever she wanted.

During her first month, she would get up every 20 minutes and do a quick cartwheel and then re-engage to whatever she was doing. But after a month, she stopped doing cartwheels and got down to business. She just needed to release the energy inside of her so that she could focus more on the tasks that were at hand.

Remember she was in 6th Grade, but at the 4th-grade math level when she started at Acton. In just 7 months, she was able to finish not only all of 4th grade math, but also all of 5th and 6th grade made and start in on 7th-grade math materials! She started excelling at everything! Her parents were in tears about how their child was more confident and wasn’t restless anymore. They said that she became a different person. She told her Guide that she had realized something about herself: “She wasn’t bad at math, she just needed to TRY HARD.”

It’s amazing how our environment at Acton Academy gives children the freedom they need to get their energy out and still be children. We see first-hand how once they burn off their energy, they can come back to their task with greater focus and determination and achieve greatness.


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