Teaching Children At An Early Age To Equip Them For The Real World

Today, I’m going to share with you an exercise we did in one of my local BNI meetings. 

We were asked to do this exercise where we were paired up with another entrepreneur in the room. It was an opportunity for us to share more about our business through one simple question. The question was, “What is the story that sticks out to you most about one of the clients you’ve worked with?”

My business associate partner knew about Acton Academy but never had a conversation with me about it. We had an amazing conversation where he asked a lot of questions. After we talked, he told everyone, “I just had my mind blown about what education can look like.” To me, hearing that felt so good.

At Acton Academy, we focus on apprenticeships. Once you get into middle school and high school, 50% of the Eagles’ time is spent on apprenticeships so they can try on “different coats”. We also have a Writers Workshop where they are taught real-world writing skills, such as “How to write an email that someone can’t say no to” or “How to write a speech that will change somebody’s opinion.”

The success story that I shared at the BNI meeting was about a 13-year old Eagle who was able to do something that seems impossible for some. She wrote “an email that you can’t say no to” to one of the top designers in the fashion industry in New York City. Amazingly, she got an email back! The fashion designer asked her to visit so she can show her around. She immediately went to New York City with her mom, and by the end of the day, was offered an apprenticeship for the summer to be side-by-side with this fashion guru. All summer long, she became the designer’s assistant and loved every minute of it! She also learned a lot of information about the things she was very interested in. It was such an amazing story.

Through apprenticeships, the Eagles can explore their gifts and passions so they can find their “calling” in life. It also provides them with great opportunities to develop real-world skills that will help them face real-world challenges.


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