Facing Real World Scenarios Through Medical Quests

Here at Acton Academy, we believe that project-based learning is an effective way to master the skills children need to solve real-life situations. One of my favorite quest stories is the Medical Quest Exhibition.

Most schools have Biology. But here at Acton Academy, we have Medical Quests. For 6 to 7 weeks, the Eagles will learn how to read blood scans, read x-rays, set a broken bone, treat diseases, administer first aid, and many other medical tasks. At the end of 6 weeks, there will be a public exhibition where the Eagles will be role-playing as doctors. Parents, Guides, family, and many other guests become patients.

The so-called “patients” will arrive with index cards that have their ailments and symptoms on them. The Eagles will have to diagnose and treat every patient based on his or her symptoms. The group who correctly identifies and treats the most patients wins the quest.

Interestingly, there is another variation of this quest. The lights will eventually go out and an announcement will be given that there is no electricity. The hospital is still open so they have to continue treating their patients without relying on computers or the internet.

After some time, the light will come back. But all of a sudden, there is another announcement! There has been a plane crash 2 miles away from the hospital. All survivors are being rushed in all at once, which means the hospital will be swamped. They can no longer see patients one at a time, but have to deal with several people all at once. Many of them have broken bones and life-threatening injuries.

The Medical Quest covers not just biology, but all the basics of life in one simple project. Having the Eagles face this real-world scenario is amazing. They learn how to perform medical tasks and do them under pressure. They also learn to control their emotions in the process.

Studying Biology in a textbook is not our style here at Acton Academy. It is way more fun and powerful to learn biology by applying real skills that are needed in the real world.


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