The Art of Learning

In a lot of traditional environments, children are mostly trained by having them read textbooks and memorize facts. At Acton Academy we believe that it is more important to teach learners how to get to the answers – where to look for information, how to dive deeper into a subject that you are interested in, and once your put knowledge in your “tool box”, how to use that information in the real world. This method empowers children and makes them take ownership of their education; which we believe is a great first step to taking ownership of their lives.

One of our main philosophies here at Acton Academy is similar to a quote by Dr. Seuss, “It is better to know how to learn than to know.” There is an important life lesson in this simple statement.

At Acton Academy, we get to the core of what will engage a student as a learner. We focus on what will drive them and spark the passion in them to find more information on a topic. That’s the reason why we are constantly asking questions and trying to inspire curiosity. We want to see the Eagles soar and discover how to expand their knowledge on their own because that’s what they are going to do for the rest of their lives.

There is a key difference between giving someone fish and teaching someone how to fish. Instead of telling children what they need to learn all the time, it’s beneficial for them to be able to learn and do research on their own. Isn’t it amazing to see the students being self-driven and not being driven to just memorize and take a test? Isn’t it amazing to see them truly care about what they are learning because they can choose what they want to learn?

If we keep on giving students the answers, we only provide them temporary solutions. If we teach them principles on how to arrive at the answers, we help them find lasting solutions.

At Acton Academy, we strive to inspire the Eagles and remind them that they are on their own Hero’s journey where everything and anything is possible. If they choose to grow their brain just as fast as they want to, they have the tools to do it!


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