Trusting Leads to Transformation in your Children

Today, many people believe they can’t trust children to motivate themselves. As a mother, I can relate to this. It is hard to take a step back and trust that your child will do the right thing without your guidance.

From being under their parent’s wing, children are sent straight to school where their teachers are telling them what to do and keeping them in line every day. The problem with this is they start doubting their ability to accomplish anything by themselves.  You see this when they start to always seek for directions and help instead of taking any initiative on their own.

Our lead guide here at Acton Academy used to work with troubled youths. He knew a 14-year old who had to wear velcro shoes every day because nobody ever trusted him to learn how to tie his shoes. It may be an extreme example, but it’s true.

Here at Acton, we trust the children in many ways.  One example is that they clean the studio every day. Students do studio maintenance by putting away things, vacuuming, and wiping surfaces, and they take pride in it. For this reason, parents noticed amazing changes in their children at home, such as keeping their rooms clean.

Do you want your child to remain in an environment where they aren’t even trusted enough to go to the bathroom without asking permission? Or do you want to see self-confidence that comes only from being trusted and being able to initiate things on your own, shine through your child?

In entrusting children, we will see amazing transformations. In trusting them, they begin to gain self-confidence and learn to take control of their lives and their learning.


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