How Much Does Student-Teacher Ratio Really Matter?

“What is the student-teacher ratio in Acton Academy?” This question has been asked of me by parents countless times.

It’s not surprising that parents think that student-ratio is important. After all, the idea that your child can have access to more teacher attention in education is very tantalizing.

Since the No Child Left Behind Law came into play, many teachers are forced to stay on the subject until every single child in the class fully understands it. Although it seems heartwarming at first, the application and execution of it is a different story.

Think about the 10-15 children who understood the topics right away. Teachers are forced to give them worksheets on topics they already mastered just to keep them busy. These are frustrating not just for teachers, but for students as well because they can’t move on at their own pace.

At Acton Academy, we believe that each learner has the right to have an entirely individualized core skills education where they learn at their own pace and in ways that work for them, whether it’s through lectures, gaming, or hands-on activities. With the power of the internet today, we have the ability for learners to experience a million to one ratio of teachers to students. We have every expert, alive or dead, at our fingertips today that we can access anytime online.

Do you want your children spending their days where their learning pace is set by others? Or do you want your child to be able to learn as fast or as slow as they need to? A child won’t be able to excel in something if they are constantly being held back by others. After all, how many of us learn at the exact same pace and in the exact same way as other people do?


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