Self-Driven Learning

One of our main philosophies here at Acton can be summed up by a quote from Dr. Seuss: “It is better to learn how to learn than to know.”

In a lot of traditional environments, children are trained by having them memorize facts so they can regurgitate them onto a test. Children are instructed to memorize knowledge and show it back to their teachers.

At Acton Academy, we get to the core of what will engage a student as a learner. We focus on what will drive the students and spark passion in them to find more information on a topic. That is why we are constantly asking questions and trying to inspire learning so that the Eagles can soar on their own and find out how to expand their knowledge based on their own curiosity. Why? Because that is what they need to be doing for the rest of their life. Once they’re out of school, no one will tell them they need to learn this or memorize that. They are on their own.

It’s amazing to see learners being self-driven. They care about what they are learning because they are choosing what path to go down. They might say, “I’m really interested in the French Revolution. When was that time period?” And they will go to the computer or encyclopedia and research on their own. That one question may lead them to another question and another until they are well down the path of absorbing the information that they themselves sought out.

As their guide, all we are doing is inspiring them in their own hero’s journey. We are here to remind them that they can grow their brains just as fast as they want to on their own.


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