Campers & Climbers

Let me share with you a story from another Acton Academy in our network of over 250 schools worldwide. The owner was going into a journey meeting with one of the student’s parents. A journey meeting is when we sit together with our students and their parents. Nothing is said behind the Eagle’s back because they are present in the meeting to participate in the conversation. We simply have a heart-to-heart discussion about how things are going and what needs to be worked on.

In the meeting, the parent talked about an analogy about campers and climbers. He said that his greatest hope is that his child becomes a climber. He further explained that every organization has both campers and climbers. A camper is somebody who punches the clock, waiting in the shade until the day is done and doing what he needs to do just to get by. A climber, on the other hand, chooses challenges, prefers tough problems that will make them grow. Mountain climbers climb not because they love the top, but because they love the climb and the challenge of getting to see the beautiful view.

The next day, the Eagles of that school sat around and had a morning talk about the analogy of the campers and climbers. They answered a few questions such as:

  • What is the number one habit you could adjust to become a better climber?
  • Do you have a character callout for a friend who has helped you along the journey of being a climber?
  • What place or setting has inspired you to focus on your climbing goals?

Everybody needs to recognize when we are in the place of inspiration and figuring out how we are going to move the needle up. We need to spend time on ourselves and our schedules, otherwise, things will just happen to us mindlessly, one thing after another. The time we turn into campers is the time when we are not choosing our path, but letting our circumstances choose it for us.

At Acton Academy, we are equipping our Eagles every day to be able to choose their path in this world and have the courage, confidence, and tools they need. I hope this has inspired you to take action to yourself or help your child move forward with becoming a climber. 


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