Creating Entrepreneurs in Elementary School

Why are you an entrepreneur or why do you want to be one? What were the reasons you started your own business? Is it to spend more time with your kids or to take days off when you need to? Or maybe you just don’t want to miss any more soccer games, or family events.

All of these reasons have one thing in common: They are all rooted in wanting more freedom.

As adults, we go after entrepreneurship to gain freedom in our lives. But along the way, we realize we need to learn how to be a business owner. We find ourselves in this big new world of goal planning, financial sheets, and the need to overcome obstacles both inside and outside of ourselves. It can be overwhelming.

Now imagine…. What if you had learned those skills in school?

Aside from learning how to set your goals and have a positive relationship with money, what if you also learned how to slay your inner dragons of fears and doubts and how to keep your momentum moving forward? What if you learned tools and tactics that the most successful people on earth are using? If you learned even a portion of that at a young age, can you imagine where your future could have been?

Do you want to give your child a head start to creating freedom in their lives? At Acton Academy, we empower children not just to dream big but also how to actually create a roadmap and a plan to achieve those dreams. We are creating the next generation of entrepreneurs.

This doesn’t mean every child is going to be an entrepreneur. But if they have the tools and confidence that come with entrepreneurship, they can choose their own path and have the gift of freedom.


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