Kindness in the Classroom

Do you think our society could use more kindness, love, and joy? Imagine what society would look like and how different it could be if, in school, our children were coached, encouraged, and shown how to be kind, generous, and full of gratitude?

At Acton Academy, these emotions of the heart and brain are as important as Math, Writing, and Science. We want our Eagles to be complete people. We want them to not only have core skills, but also to have inner peace and knowledge about themselves, others, and the world around them.

Often, as adults, we move away from awkward as fast as we can. But what if we sat in the awkward and let it wash over us until it dissipated on its own?

The next time you have a chance to sit in awkward, like when you show up at the restaurant first or you are waiting at the doctor’s office, I challenge you to not take out your phone or read a magazine. When you are in any public space sitting by yourself, I challenge you to just feel awkward. You will feel weird, for sure. But if you let it continue for a certain period, peace will suddenly overcome you and you’ll become relaxed.  Then you will start to see the world around you and really take in your environment. You will be surprised at the things you notice that you would have missed by staying distracted. 

The first few minutes will be uncomfortable. Being able to move through and past discomfort like this is such a valuable tool. If we learn this as children, it becomes a part of who we are. As a result, we can do hard things. We can sit through uncomfortable things. We can get past uncomfortable obstacles that block our way to success. These are the lessons our Eagles are learning every day.


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