Words Matter

Here’s an amazing story of transformation from one of our sister schools!

A young woman came to Acton Academy from a traditional school. After the first month, she told her parents she doesn’t like being in charge of her own learning and having to make all of the school rules and governance.  She said “I just want someone to tell me what to do, that is easier!” The heroic parents responded, “That is exactly why you’re going to Acton.” Her parents wanted her to learn to think for herself and not be told everything.

Fast forward a few months,  there were a few Eagles who were using derogatory language in the studio. A bunch of learners were quick to point out that they were breaking the contract they created and signed. The young woman is a leader of the studio now. She rallied a few students and held a meeting where they crafted a launch on language and why words matter.

Following that student-led discussion, a contract was created and signed by all the Heroes, penning their commitment to preserving the honor of their sacred, respectful space through the use of kind language. They also mapped out the consequences if they didn’t follow it, such as being warned to be stopped, having to apologize, or receiving an honor code violation for breaking the promises.

The whole incident was accomplished with zero adult intervention. The Eagles saw the problem and immediately stepped in to solve it, calling their community to a higher standard of excellence, imprinting to their hearts that words matter.

It would have been easier for the adults to step in, but that is not what we do here at Acton. We allow the Eagles to have the ability to face and solve their own problems. Would the lesson have meant as much coming from an adult as it did coming from peers? We don’t think so! 


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