What Virtual Learning Looks Like at Acton Academy

There is a sudden need for distance learning due to the COVID-19 crisis. The situation we are in right now is brand new and hasn’t been done before. Teachers around the world are facing different challenges as they help their students study from home. Some schools are doing a great job and some are still trying to navigate the waters. 

Here at Acton Academy, the Eagles remain very engaged. They have an individual check-in with the guide throughout the day. We still have our Socratic discussions every morning. In the afternoon, we have virtual meetings in Google hangouts that launch them into projects. We are also doing more individualized quests that still have group aspects to them. Music and Art classes have continued every week as well.

The Eagles have Kindness Class twice a week where they develop their character and learn things such as handling strong emotions. We finish our day with our closing circle where we go over the day and questions are raised for discussions. 

The biggest thing we are missing right now is getting together for our adventure time, such as going to the beach, hiking, or simply going to the playground. But overall, our Eagles still have a full-on schedule. After all, learning can happen anywhere!

If all goes as planned, our school will be opening in-person again in August. But whatever happens, one thing is for sure, our Eagles and our community are resilient and the Acton future is bright!


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