In a time of being ALONE…we are more CONNECTED than ever!

The other day my husband showed me a video on Facebook (I posted it on my timeline). It was a mother and daughter singing together on the free group Rock the Lock Down that has opened for artists to “open mic” their music. The singing was great but the most beautiful part was that they were doing this amazing performance together! I wondered if the mother-daughter pair would’ve ever taken the time and energy to record themselves if they weren’t at home in quarantine. And I thought about how special that was.

When I drive home, I am always passing parents walking or biking with their children. Almost daily. Would these families be taking so much time to enjoy the outside together if they weren’t at home in quarantine? These are beautiful, special moments that are happening in families across the country as we are all spending time at home. How much time have you gained back now that you aren’t commuting to work? Now that you don’t have to spend time chauffeuring to sports, dance, karate, and other extracurriculars?

What golden moments can you share with your children during this time? Perhaps you can write and publish a book together. There is a website called Storybird where you can write a story to different pictures and then have it professionally bound and printed and mailed to you!

Maybe you can build a tree-fort in the yard or subscribe to Tinker Boxes where you are mailed a surprise box with something to build inside, geared for hands-on STEM (Here is a link to TinkerTots for younger children). Maybe you plant a garden together or cook together, sew a quilt, knit, paint, make a volcano, invent something.

Do not overwhelm yourself with a ton of projects, but pick one that lights up your child and sparks their passion. There are still adventures to be had, even when we are social distancing. Pack a picnic and eat outside – or if it’s raining, have a picnic inside, lay out a blanket on the living room floor, and pretend you are on the beach! Have fun, be spontaneous. Make the extra time you have to be with your loved ones count!

“Love like there’s no tomorrow, and if tomorrow comes, love again” – Max Lucado


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