Why Community Strength Matters More than Size

We always hear people say, “I want my child to be able to be social.” This has been one of the biggest arguments against homeschooling. But did you know that even if there aren’t many students, your children could still be in a place that empowers them?

Let me challenge you to answer this question: What matters more to you, the size of the community, or the strength of the community?

On one hand, you have a traditional type of education where your child gets to sit in a classroom with around 30 kids, do group projects occasionally, pick their one close friend as their partner, and are surrounded by children with the same ability level.

On the other hand, your child could be in a smaller group, engaged in real-world projects every day, and interacting with everyone regardless of their differences and/or similarities with the people around them – just like in the real world when you are at a job and you don’t get to choose who your peers are! As a result, your child is both challenged by the older students, to bring themselves up to that level, and by the younger students, to be a role model and a mentor to help guide them up towards their level.

So, what matters to you? The community’s size or strength? Which way do you think would be more valuable for your child’s development?


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