Anxious about the new school year and At-Home Learning? We can help!

I was talking to a friend about how her child’s school was going to operate remotely for the rest of the year. She became stressed out and anxious that at-home learning was going to continue. Google classrooms and some interactions with the teacher are available for her child, but there is still a lot of instruction that she has to figure out at home. For instance, her daughter wasn’t holding the pencil right no matter how many different ways she tried to guide her. She was frustrated with trying to be a teacher because she isn’t trained or in the mindset to be one.   

Her experience is not uncommon. There are many parents today that say, “I cannot teach them myself, I am trying but they are not listening to me.” But when their child is with an instructor, it’s different. They suddenly become attentive!

There are times when this happens. It is really not easy. That’s why I admire homeschooling parents that make an effort to take the initiative and figure out a system where it works for them and their child.

Are you the tutor of your child at home right now? I do have access to various resources for at-home learning. Even if Acton Academy is not right for you right now, I would love to help you by offering resources or websites you can utilize that may make your time at home with your children a little easier. Feel free to reach out to me anytime!


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