When Acton is Strict and Rigid

In Acton Academy, learners are self-driven. As a result, they get to enjoy a ton of freedom as they come up with their own goals and schedules, work where they want to,  eat when they want to and take breaks when they want to. 

However, this is not at all how our Acton looks at the moment. Right now, things are different. Everything is strict and rigid. All learners have assigned seats and they have to stay at their table whenever they do core skills, snacks are scheduled,  core skills are scheduled. In the first session of the year, the Eagles have to learn to be responsible and prove themselves in order to gain the freedom they want to enjoy. 

This may not be our ideal version of school just yet, but gradually something amazing happens. Because the Eagles earn their own freedom, they learn to appreciate and value it more because it came at such a great cost for them.  They also learn that they have to work hard to earn things in life – which is an especially important lesson in today’s “age of entitlement “. 

So if you walked onto the Acton Academy NH campus today,  you might ask “Where is all the freedom?” And our answer is “Coming soon!”


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