Tears at Acton Academy

We recently did an activity called the Balloon Challenge where the Eagles were paired up together. They had different challenges to walk together as a 2 person team around the perimeter of our big backyard holding a balloon between them. One challenge was to hold the balloon with one hand each, and if they dropped it they had to go back to the beginning.  Then they had to use their forearms, elbows,  etc. as the challenge progressed. There were many tears of frustration as they went up the levels of the challenge and did something harder.

What’s even more difficult is having a partner that challenges them. At the beginning of the activity, we paired them up with someone they didn’t normally get along with. Having no control over what their partner was doing, or the outcome was totally out of their comfort zone.

At the end of the activity, we had a group circle and talked about the lessons they had learned. They shared things like being clear when communicating and being patient with other people. We could clearly see their inner strength and understanding of each other expand as they went through the exercise.  Even after just an hour and a half,  the atmosphere in the studio changed and those that were not getting along are now treating each other with respect! 

Most of them cried, but they kept trying. To see the Eagles on the verge of giving up and then seeing them wanting to try again was amazing. It was such a beautiful lesson that was beyond what we all expected.


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