Having Our Eagles Develop Their Core Values

This week, we are expressing core values to the Eagles. In life, it is important to understand that as an individual, we can live by a set of core values. These values are our go-to rules about life, and they determine how we show up and what we expect of ourselves. But aside from that, it is also a great tool to understand others.

For example, you might have a core value of fun and humor, while another person you are working with has a core value of expediting things and being focused. As a result, the two of you might clash at some point when you are trying to be funny in the moment, while the other person just wants to get things done.

It is very interesting to share this with the Eagles. For most of them, it was their first time hearing about this concept.  They were given a sheet of paper that has around 50 core values written on it. As they go through the list, they cross out the ones that do not speak to them and encircle the ones that sound like one of their inner voices. We also had them narrow their top ten, and then narrow the top three that rings the truest to them. It was a fun exercise!

With our younger Eagles, we are going over character traits, which has a similar idea. They have a list of character traits where they will encircle the ones they want to become or work on more.

We are also going to put these words on the walls of the studio. In that way, it wouldn’t be like an exercise that you only do once and then forget about. Instead, it would be an exercise that provides a daily reminder for them so they can take action!


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