Gratitude Quest

As the holiday season approaches, we are about to embark on a quest called Gratitude and Community service – a quest that is all about giving back to the community and doing random acts of kindness to people they may or may not know.

We are so excited about this quest because the Eagles are going to learn how to write uplifting letters of gratitude for a life well-lived to the elderly or people on hospice. We are also going to refurbish old bikes, make them sparkly and new again, and give them to children who can’t purchase their own. We are also going to be caroling out in the community and possibly leaving little notes of kindness and uplifting phrases for people to find. The Eagles may have other ideas that we’ll try to incorporate as well.

Also, we will show a lot of videos and teach the Eagles about all the different types of charities that are out there.  Oftentimes, when others think about charitable giving or donating your time to a cause, many think of soup kitchens (which are great, of course!) However, people often don’t think outside the box farther than that.

That is why we want to educate the Eagles on how many different types of charities there are. We want to remind them that whatever they are interested in, there is something out there that they can pursue. It doesn’t have to be monetary giving all the time. We can give our time and creativity! There are a whole lot of different ways to give to each other and make this world a better place!

We are excited to launch this quest right after Thanksgiving. It will be 3 weeks before Christmas so it is the perfect time for everybody to think of others and spread some goodwill!


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