Real Learning: Hands-on or Memorizing?

Research shows that you learn something when you do it. For instance, you will learn Math more by applying it to a project, such as building something.

Often, memorizing facts is short term. 10 minutes before the test, many students cram as they memorize all the formulas for Math problems. But 10 minutes after the test, all the formulas are forgotten! They can never recall them again.

You might ask, “Do I really need to memorize a formula to do trigonometry in today’s world?” Not really, unless you’re going to be an engineer. There are certain things you should memorize like your parents’ birthdays and your address. But you do not need to memorize everything! There are so many things that you can just easily ask Google. We should spend our time using our brains for creativity or learning better communication skills.

Here at Acton Academy, we take the learning of our Eagles to the next level by telling them, “Practice the basics, but without pressure!” We encourage them to practice them as if they are playing a game. And when it’s time for our quests and big projects, they will take that knowledge, and they will use them. Through doing projects they are inspired by, they will absorb the learning and will remember forever.


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