Specialize or Diversify?

Let me ask you a Socratic question like what we ask our Eagles, “What do you think is better: to learn a little bit about a lot of things or to learn a lot about one thing?” What do you think is more important or the better way to function between these two?

I challenge you to think about how you would answer this question because I have witnessed people in my life who were highly specialized in their jobs, yet lose their jobs (thank you Covid) and have nowhere to go. They have limited options as to how they could pivot unless they are able to start over and learn something new. On the other hand, my friends who diversified themselves and learned enough about a whole lot of things were able to pivot and keep going, no matter what life throws at them.

Here at Acton Academy, we value having our students learn about a lot of things. Once they get into middle school, they start doing apprenticeship work. Part of their day is out in the community working at a job they choose, shadowing somebody. They learn all they can about something they are interested in. As a result, they are able to decide if it is something they really love to do. Then they will switch to a new apprenticeship in a different industry that also interests them. 

As they try on different hats, it’s amazing that our Eagles are able to diversify their portfolio as a middle schooler. Once they get into adulthood, our hope is they learned just enough about a lot of things so they can decide where they want to go. We do not want them to limit themselves to one area, hoping that if they specialize enough they will get a high enough pay rate.

Here at Acton Academy, our Eagles are well-rounded. They are able to go where the need is and fit in everywhere – this is what is really needed in the job marketplace and makes our graduates stand out from the crowd.


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