Navigating Uncertainty

As adults, navigating uncertainty is so challenging. It’s even more confusing for young people who are just learning what their role in the world is. As parents, letting our children know it is not their job to worry or make the world a safe place is a must. They can find ways to help, but […]

Learner-Driven: Well Equipped for Remote Learning

A lot of things are going on in the world right now. Many schools are shutting down due to the Covid-19 coronavirus. For many people, their normal life has been disrupted. Thankfully, Acton Academy is already prepared for this. All of our core skills are already done through our online platforms. Our learners can continue […]

Words Matter

Here’s an amazing story of transformation from one of our sister schools! A young woman came to Acton Academy from a traditional school. After the first month, she told her parents she doesn’t like being in charge of her own learning and having to make all of the school rules and governance.  She said “I […]

What We Missed in Education | Jake Thompson | TEDxSanJuanIsland

In this TEDx talk, Jake Thompson shares his journey as an entrepreneur in education and his belief that traditional education has missed something really important that without it, no learning matters. As we create an environment for our children to learn and transform in preparation for their lives, Jake also shares 4 great leaders we […]

Kindness in the Classroom

Do you think our society could use more kindness, love, and joy? Imagine what society would look like and how different it could be if, in school, our children were coached, encouraged, and shown how to be kind, generous, and full of gratitude? At Acton Academy, these emotions of the heart and brain are as […]

Creating Entrepreneurs in Elementary School

Why are you an entrepreneur or why do you want to be one? What were the reasons you started your own business? Is it to spend more time with your kids or to take days off when you need to? Or maybe you just don’t want to miss any more soccer games, or family events. […]

Campers & Climbers

Let me share with you a story from another Acton Academy in our network of over 250 schools worldwide. The owner was going into a journey meeting with one of the student’s parents. A journey meeting is when we sit together with our students and their parents. Nothing is said behind the Eagle’s back because […]

Inspiring Healthy Habits in Young Children

Let’s talk about habits. As we get into the new year, we have fresh ideas and New Year’s Resolutions to inspire us to form new habits that will make us into a better version of ourselves. Here at Acton Academy, forming these new habits one step at a time is something that we empower children […]

Self-Driven Learning

One of our main philosophies here at Acton can be summed up by a quote from Dr. Seuss: “It is better to learn how to learn than to know.” In a lot of traditional environments, children are trained by having them memorize facts so they can regurgitate them onto a test. Children are instructed to […]

3 Stages of Empathy Your Child Will Go Through

As your child ages, they go through 3 levels of empathy. Let me share some tips that will help deepen your child’s empathy as they reach each stage. When emotions are acknowledged, talked about, and given respect, that is when your child becomes empowered and confident, instead of being at the mercy of their own […]

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