The Process To Get To A Goal

We just had our first parent lunch of the year! We were able to share parenting tips and do some awesome community-building activities. This week, the Eagles have been learning about setting goals and holding themselves accountable. With the parents, we talked about the process to get to the end result of the goal.  If […]

Game Design

The Eagles just started their new quest and it was amazing. Our guest speaker was Brian Bollinger, a professional board game designer of the Wild East Game Company. He helped launch the Eagles into their Game Design Quest! He also dove deep into creating a game, testing it with your peers, and perfecting it in […]

The Mindfulness Habit

Mindfulness isn’t just meditation. There is a way you can integrate mindfulness into your daily life just by getting good at being in the moment. The easiest way to do this is by scheduling pauses throughout the day. I take a few moments in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night to pause and […]

Exhibition of Learning at Acton

We just wrapped up our session and had an amazing exhibition of learning. All the parents and grandparents came to see what their children have been doing for the past 6 weeks. We unveiled the quest project, which was the renovation of their bag room out in the backyard. It’s amazing how they have done […]

The Means To An End

Most of the time when we do a launch, there is a problem that has to be fixed. We always have the Eagles figure out the solution and a way to fix it themselves. This morning, our guide opened up with the question, “How can we get everybody to the circle and morning launch on […]

Tears at Acton Academy

We recently did an activity called the Balloon Challenge where the Eagles were paired up together. They had different challenges to walk together as a 2 person team around the perimeter of our big backyard holding a balloon between them. One challenge was to hold the balloon with one hand each, and if they dropped […]

When Acton is Strict and Rigid

In Acton Academy, learners are self-driven. As a result, they get to enjoy a ton of freedom as they come up with their own goals and schedules, work where they want to,  eat when they want to and take breaks when they want to.  However, this is not at all how our Acton looks at […]

Encouraging Independence and Responsibility

Have you ever been in a situation wherein, you have this plan and a clear idea of how things are going to go, but they end up happening way better than you expected? That’s what happened to our first week of school here at Acton! I thought everything would be great, but everything turned out […]

Acton Academy NH: Answering Some FAQ’s

Now that the public schools have come out with their plans, I have been getting a lot of phone calls here at Acton Academy. Most people have the same set of questions, such as “Is Acton Academy a Montessori school?” and “What grade level do you go up to?” and “Are you full- time in […]

Power Mom Podcast Interview

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