Show Your Children That Knowledge Is Not As Powerful As Applying Knowledge

Have you ever heard the quote “Knowledge is power?” Since we spend 12 years of our lives in a school environment that drills learning to memorize facts as the most important thing in the world, it’s natural for us to view knowledge as power. But I believe it is the application of knowledge that is […]

When Adults Take A Step Back, Children Do Amazing Things

There is a belief in our society that children have to be told what to do. Many people think children are unable to make decisions for themselves or to motivate themselves. Unfortunately, the old saying of “children should be seen and not heard” is still ingrained in the roots of our society. Starting at preschool, […]

How To Connect Deeper With Your Child

If your child is thriving at a traditional school and you know they’re on the path to realizing their dreams, this message is not for you. On the other hand, if you feel like something is missing and you are searching for something better out there, then please read on or watch the video recap! […]

Challenge The Status Quo To Help Your Child Succeed

Becoming a mother changes everything. Your life revolves around your children and you are always in the depths of parenthood.  There are no breaks, no days off and even if you are not physically with them, you are always thinking about them. It is a beautiful, rewarding, and wonderful experience, but it is challenging at […]

Learning to Think for Yourself vs Learning How to Follow Directions

Acton Academy is a learner-driven school. To be “Learner-driven” means that when we do our core skills, the Eagles can choose their own pathway of education. This approach is beneficial for the students not just while they are young, but also when they grow up and face real-life challenges. For instance, they can choose either […]

Learning How To Manage Your Time

When I was in a traditional school growing up, a bell would always tell me when it was lunchtime or when it was time to move to a different class. The teacher would always tell me when it was time to do Writing or when it was time to do Math. There was always somebody […]

The Art of Learning

In a lot of traditional environments, children are mostly trained by having them read textbooks and memorize facts. At Acton Academy we believe that it is more important to teach learners how to get to the answers – where to look for information, how to dive deeper into a subject that you are interested in, […]

The Courage To Be Vulnerable

When asked to reflect on what the students had learned over the past year, one 11-year old’s answer was this: “I thought that my biggest lesson learned was not to procrastinate. But now, I realize I was actually not procrastinating. I was just giving up every time something was difficult.” It’s insightful when the Eagles […]

Facing Real World Scenarios Through Medical Quests

Here at Acton Academy, we believe that project-based learning is an effective way to master the skills children need to solve real-life situations. One of my favorite quest stories is the Medical Quest Exhibition. Most schools have Biology. But here at Acton Academy, we have Medical Quests. For 6 to 7 weeks, the Eagles will […]

Teaching Children At An Early Age To Equip Them For The Real World

Today, I’m going to share with you an exercise we did in one of my local BNI meetings.  We were asked to do this exercise where we were paired up with another entrepreneur in the room. It was an opportunity for us to share more about our business through one simple question. The question was, […]

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