Teaching Children At An Early Age To Equip Them For The Real World

Today, I’m going to share with you an exercise we did in one of my local BNI meetings.  We were asked to do this exercise where we were paired up with another entrepreneur in the room. It was an opportunity for us to share more about our business through one simple question. The question was, […]

Understanding High-Energy Children

Children have tons of energy! It’s natural and normal for them. As a mother of a 3-year old, I know this first-hand.  Even though many children are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, it’s also natural and normal for every child to have a high amount of energy throughout the day. I would like to tell […]


In the traditional system, bullying is very common. In some schools, no serious actions are being made even when the teachers are well aware of the situation. Whether physical or verbal, no one deserves to be bullied. It will never be okay. To address this issue, there are two questions to ask. First, “How can […]

The Power of Building Character

Let me tell you a story about a student at one of the Acton Academies who just graduated last year. She applied to 4 different colleges and was accepted into all of them. She even had a full free ride to the University of San Francisco. However, she decided to take a gap year. She […]

Celebrate Failure

Let’s talk about failure. In most traditional environments, students are punished for failing. As a result, these students begin to develop a severe aversion to failure and they want to avoid it at all costs. The younger generation today are so afraid to fail at anything that they don’t even want to try new things. […]

The Gifts of Struggle

Is it better to protect your child from struggle or expose them to it? To answer this question, let me tell you a story. There was a second-grader who excelled at school and was getting straight A’s. However, his mother wanted something different that would stretch him more. She found Acton Academy  and immediately enrolled […]

Mastery vs Grades

What does Mastery look like at Acton Academy? At Acton Academy, we measure progress with badges. Students have to master something to be awarded badges, similar to the boys and girls scouts. What’s amazing is that they also get to choose which badges they want based on their interests. There are different badges to choose […]

Measuring Progress

Teachers measure progress by quizzes in a traditional environment. Students are graded and ranked according to test results. But is this the best way? Is this helping or hurting our children? In my own experience, I found myself cramming for exams many times at school. I would regurgitate all the information I memorized onto the […]

Challenging the Status Quo

In a past seminar I attended, I heard a fascinating story from a traditional teacher who has been teaching for many years. One day, he was running late and wasn’t able to prepare his lesson for a History class. He then started telling a story about why the White House was painted white. He explained […]

The Socratic Method

Have you ever heard of the Socratic Method? Our guides at Acton Academy use the Socratic Method where they aren’t allowed to answer a question. At first, you may think that learning won’t happen this way. Because how can you teach if you won’t answer any questions, right? However, what this method seeks to encourage […]

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